Website Promotion

Creating a website is not enough for someone who wants to be successful. It needs the appropriate traffic from those who search for what the website offers.

Let us return to the analogy with the sidewalk. Even if you have managed to set up your shop, if you have not done the necessary promotion actions, then it will definitely be stuck in some alley of the sidewalk.

If this happens then they will hardly be able to find you. Even if they find you, because they have already gone through several shop windows, it is very likely that they will not enter your store.

So even on the website if the necessary promotional actions are not done, you will not be high in the search engines, so the chances will be less for someone to choose to visit the website.

A website after being created correct, should be made known to the interested public (target group) following the appropriate promotion actions for it.


Depending on the needs and the audience of each website, we choose all or the most representative promotional moves between SEO, Google Adwords, Social Media Ads, Email Marketing.

It is imperative, and not just a suggested action, to optimize the website. The right SEO actions will have the website permanently in the first places of the search engines, so that those who are looking for products or services of your business will find you easily and quickly. Ask us about what we can offer on your website.

Through Email Marketing you will be able to keep in touch with your existing customers or target new customers, informing them about products and services you provide. At Hub IT we create customer lists and the corresponding promotion depending on the audience you are addressing.

It is the most effective way of advertising on the internet with immediate response. Google Adwords is advertised by all sites that are at the top or bottom of the Google search and have the Ads badge. The amounts are variable depending on the entries made on the website aiming at the best utilization of your investment. At Hub IT, having attended specialized seminars on the subject, we undertake to organize each Google Adwords campaign, providing frequent reports on its development and effectiveness.

As in the case of Google Adwords, here we are interested in targeted advertising that will be paid according to traffic. For this reason, we need a proper organization of Social Media in order to achieve the goals of proper promotion. The social media that to date provide this method of promotion are Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok. We choose the one that suits the needs of each business.

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