Web Site Design

 The website is now essential for every business that wants to operate successfully following the trends and needs of the time.

But what is it that has made your internet presence so necessary? This question is easily answered if you think about how many times in a day you spend to the internet, for everything you are looking for, due to easy and fast access to the information you are looking for.

Let's now compare the internet to a large sidewalk where there are shops in a row and the potential buyer decides to take a walk and choose the one that covers him the most. Would not you like your business to have a first place on this sidewalk, with the most beautiful and large window to immediately attract the attention of the buyer? In online presence this means having a website that will come out first in the search engines, will have the nicest presence and will inform the buyer about everything you provide as a business.

The Hub IT Team build dynamic and modern websites of high standards and create quality satisfied visitors following the necessary steps.

Step 1

Study of business needs


From our 1st meeting we want to understand the needs and goals of your business. It is necessary to know the reason why the website will be created and to organize the content together with you (menus, texts, images, additional information, etc.). At this point we choose the type of website that we will create. Finally, before proceeding, we come up with the appropriate domain name and hosting package that suits you best.

Step 1

Step 2

Website Design

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In the second stage we start to build the appearance of the website following the most appropriate marketing services. We are interested in the complete design of the visual effect and the functionality of the website.

Step 3

Website Development

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Reaching step 3, we execute what has been determined during step 2 so that the website is functional and ready for use. Before the final check, the SEO actions must be done so that your website appears first in the Google search engines.

Step 3

Step 4

Final Website Check

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Before the website is online, we carry out the final complete and detailed inspection so that there is no problem and everything works exactly as we have defined from the beginning. If all the above are done correctly, we are now ready to launch the site.

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